We are a family of five (Mabel 6, Wilf 4 and Hettie 2) trying out a different way of combining family and working life.

Gazzy РSenior manager in eCommerce for a big corporate. Now on a year long career break as a stay at home Dad. Often found justifying yet more purchases of craft ale, big time into food, cricket and football. Considered, practical, ever the realist. 

Hels – Part time freelancer / business owner now on a year long ‘work break’ as the main breadwinner. Lover of crafting, Yoga, reading and gin. Honest, slightly inappropriate, ever the optimist.

259 - Bryce-Kisby - D66A1288

Passing the baton on work but with full commitment to flexibility and lifestyle. Swapping money for time on a quest to slow things down.

Journaling our year long adventure featuring both sides to the story, sometimes within a single post and theme, sometimes as individuals. This could go very wrong on many different levels…¬†